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ACCENT - God of Every Season
The faster life whirls around us, the busier we find ourselves, the more we ought to be focusing on the things that really matter: Relationships.
1. GOD
The first relationship we should consider is the one we were created for. It is the most important relationship we can develop and maintain because it’s quality will ultimately determine where we spend eternity — not just where we spend our Sundays!
The second relationship we must give attention to is the one we have either created for ourselves (through choice) or were born into. The most important people in our lives are those who love us through our ups and downs, who are attuned to our weaknesses and strengths and who applaud us in our successes and comfort us in our failures.
The sole purpose for our existence (not just CPC, but the body of Christ as a whole) is to help nurture and maintain these relationships. We believe the only vehicle that can create strong, healthy churches is a strong, healthy home… and the only way to have a strong, healthy home is through a dynamic and personal relationship with Jesus Christ.