What to Expect…
First, you should feel our gratitude that you would trust us to share this piece of your time… we know just how valuable it is.
We are a people of unpretentious faith and we do not claim to be perfect. We are glad to be forgiven, though! And, we are trying to be “real” in our pursuit of a holy life.
All of our lives are busy, but we want to make sure that when we get to the end of the road we know we have achieved our purpose for being here!
We’d love your company on the journey!
Second, you can expect to find a warm and friendly environment where people just like you have gathered for worship and fellowship. 
Being Pentecostal, we love to worship and you may see a wide variety of worship expressions in any service. Feel free to praise Jesus as you feel comfortable.
There will be quality music, heartfelt singing and the message will (hopefully) be both practical and relevant. Most of all, the feeling of love that comes from being in His presence and the hospitality of His children should work together to make you feel right at home.
Then, as a congregation that loves the family, we make it a priority to minister to every member and guest. Whatever your background, religious or non-religious, you are welcomed here!
We take living for God seriously and we want people of all ages, backgrounds and cultures to be able to experience the saving grace of Jesus Christ as taught in the Word of God.
Finally, we believe your past is both YOUR’S and PAST! Our desire is simply to help you move forward and find a place to thrive in the body of Christ.
We are so glad you are here.You’re among friends. Friends who are not perfect, just forgiven and glad about it. We do gather for fellowship, praise and worship; enter in however you feel comfortable. There will be music, singing, and teaching that strives to be practical and relevant.