What We Believe…

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We are a body of believers who are set apart by their belief in ONE GOD, whose name is JESUS, who is above all and through all and beside Him there is no other.

  • We believe in the Apostles Doctrine (Acts 2:38) as the only plan of salvation.
  • We value personal devotions, fasting and prayer.
  • We value holiness as the believer’s way of life.
  • We believe in continually teaching and searching God’s Word for His purposes.
  • We value a culture of praise and worship as a vital door into the Lord’s presence.
  • We believe in personal participation in the Great Commission.
  • We believe that strong families are vital to the last day harvest.
  • We value stewardship and continuous improvement in all aspects and ministries.

These overall purposes and governing values shape an inspiring vision of our future role in the work of the Lord. We are striving to achieve this compelling vision by focusing the individual believer in a co-ordinated effort with the rest of the body of Christ.